VetsinTech Honors Standout Organizations Making a Difference for Veterans

Annual Veterans Day Awards Recognize Exemplary Commitment to Veteran Causes

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VetsinTech, the leading national non-profit dedicated to supporting veterans through tech-based programs and opportunities in education, employment, and entrepreneurship, announced the recipients of its annual awards. In honor of Veterans Day every year, VetsinTech recognizes companies that have made a positive impact on veterans. VetsinTech announced the winners at its annual fundraising Gala. This year’s winners are as follows:

For Advocacy: Assemblyman James C. Ramos
Assemblyman James C. Ramos has demonstrated an enduring resolve in championing Assembly Bill 46, which aims to bring overdue taxation relief to military veterans in California. Undeterred by previous efforts, his tireless advocacy, stemming from a deep-rooted commitment to military families, has earned bipartisan approval from the Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

With AB 46, Assemblyman Ramos strives to ease tax burdens on military retirees and their families, helping to make California more veteran-friendly.

For Education: AT&T California
AT&T California actively supports military veterans transitioning to tech careers, providing ongoing educational resources and skill development initiatives. The company facilitates a smoother transition for veterans and their spouses into the tech industry training and workforce initiatives, underscoring its ongoing commitment to their professional success.

For Employment: Uber
Uber’s Military, Veteran, and Partner (MVP) Program provides global employment opportunities tailored to the armed forces community, ranging from entry-level positions to mid-career transitions, offering expanded support through mentorship programs. Under the UberMILITARY initiative, the UberMILITARY Families Coalition aims to assist military families in leveraging the flexible earning potential of its platform. Uber strives to foster and retain top veteran and military spouse talent, with a goal of bringing on 50,000 military veterans and military spouses.

For Entrepreneurship: The Veteran Fund
The Veteran Fund is a venture capital firm focused on supporting military veterans, investing in high-growth tech startups led by exceptional military community members through leadership or workforce. The firm provides a range of initiatives, from scholarships and pitch competitions to hands-on support for startups. The Veteran Fund directs its venture investments in high-growth companies that align with national priorities in defense and security.

For Woman Veteran of the Year: Melissa Bryant
Melissa Bryant has dedicated her career to supporting military veterans, service members, and their families. Appointed to the Biden-Harris Administration in 2021, she served as Senior Advisor for Strategic Engagement to the VA Secretary, developing policies to improve VA operations. Previously, Melissa was Acting Assistant Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the VA. During the VetsinTech Gala awards ceremony, Melissa was honored with a Special Congressional Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community from Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi. She has been honored with numerous civil and military service awards, including the Joint Civilian Service Commendation Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Joint Service Commendation Medal, along with dozens of other accolades and honors. Melissa has tirelessly championed for women, minority veterans, and their families. Her advocacy and impact include implementing VA-wide cultural transformation focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, expanding resources for women veterans, and elevating the voices of minority veterans.

VetsinTech 2023 Gala Sponsors
VetsinTech’s annual Gala is a celebration to honor Veterans Day and raise funds for the nonprofit that goes directly toward supporting, expanding and enhancing critical programs that advance technology-focused education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for veterans returning home. VetsinTech made a special thanks to its invaluable sponsors that made this year’s Gala possible: Adobe Foundation, Amazon, AT&T, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Oracle NetSuite, Resilience, and Uber.

“We’re deeply honored to celebrate these outstanding individuals and organizations making a real difference for military veterans and their families. Their commitment exemplifies the spirit of service — a value we hold dear,” said Katherine Webster, co-founder and CEO of VetsinTech. “Together, we will empower veterans launching new ventures or pursuing careers in tech.”

About VetsInTech
Based in San Francisco, with more than 75,000 vets strong and 20 chapters across the country, VetsInTech is the leading national non-profit devoted 100% to springboarding veterans into tech careers. VetsinTech harnesses the national technology ecosystem to benefit veterans returning from active military duty and who want to apply their exceptional training, skills, and experience to a new technology career. Comprising technology industry leaders and former service members, VetsinTech is the only non-profit supporting our veterans and military spouses through tech-based programs in education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities. For more information, interested parties can visit

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