Solving the JADC2 Sense-Make Sense-Act Challenge

Pontimax’s Dynamic Meta-Inferencing (DM-I) Agent Plus Its “Capabilities & Coverage” Inferencing Knowledge Base is a Winning Combination for Meeting the DOD’s JADC2 “Sense-Make Sense-Act” Goal

Pontimax Technologies LLC announced its Capabilities & Coverage Knowledge Base to complement its DMI-I Inferencing Agent, both in the Cloud and At-the-Edge

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How Our Dynamic Meta-Inferencing Approach Operationalizes the JADC2 “Sense-Make Sense-Act” Paradigm

“Pontimax’s DM-I Inferencing Agent directly implements the Joint All-Domain Command & Control-C2 (JADC2) “Sense-Make Sense-Act” paradigm, through its “Detect-Classify-Identify-Communicate” capabilities”, Ray Keating, Managing Member, asserted. He described an example Ground Extraction mission scenario with a deployed Anti-Ambush Inferencing package. “Air dropped motion sensors are positioned along the ingress route, with an overhead platform tasked for mission support. The mission configured Inferencing Agent applies a configured Predicate Fact Pattern to any detected movements. If the movement pattern is classified as human(s) or vehicles, a Hostile Movements Event is inferenced and a “Fly-To the motion” sensor location command is sent to the overhead platform. The occurrence of the Hostile Movements Event triggers the start of a Hostile Forces Event inferencing, starting with a Machine Learning (ML) object classification Predicate, followed by an ML object identification Predicate. At each successful inferencing, the predicate result is communicated to the mission Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK) for consideration by the mission operator.”

The “Capability & Coverage Knowledge Base” – Pontimax’s Solution to Overcoming Inferencing Knowledge Complexity and Enabling Inferencing Assets Mission Planning & Execution Agility

Inferencing Information Complexity Could Form a Barrier to Operational Agility
“We realized very early that, both in the Cloud and particularly At-The-Edge, a wide-ranging set of user, sensing and sensing platform information would be required to successfully execute the dynamic inferencing actions necessary to deliver operational situation awareness and mission focused decision support. The availability of mission support assets, such as sensors, overhead platforms and ATAK Android Team Awareness devices, plus knowledge of their operational coverage would be essential both for mission planning and for mission execution. The reality is that, without the capability to quickly compile the mission’s Inferencing Specification & Assets package, you’ll have created a “Complexity Barrier” that will severely limit your operational agility.”

Pontimax’s Capability & Coverage (C&C) Knowledge Base
Situated on a Cloud platform or, for potential “disconnected” Cloud Edge operation on the mission Inferencing Platform, the C&C Knowledge Base provides a specially structured data store for holding information on Inferencing Platforms, sensors, their sensing types, the location coverage specifications and the provisioned inferencing capabilities. The C&C Knowledge Base forms the informational & operational data bases for driving the inferencing operations performed by mission deployed Inferencing Agents. To ensure that all necessary and sufficient (N&S) Inferencing elements are in place, the C&C Knowledge Base provides a proprietary algorithm to positively determine that all mission critical inferencing assets are available and reachable. It is the ability to perform ad-hoc N&S determinations that enables the Inferencing capability agility needed for successful mission Dynamic Inferencing support.

About Pontimax Technologies LLC
Founded in 1999, Pontimax Technologies has focused on AI technology development, building on a history of its predecessor firm’s successes in Rule-Based Expert systems and Meta-Data Specification driven software. Starting in 2006, it originated its innovative Dynamic Meta Inferencing (DMI) technology and successfully applied DMI in multiple applications, including the ADLGuardian, a Caregiver Oversight system to support independent living for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) individuals and, subsequently, yrConnected™, Pontimax’s Personal Wellness & Safety Monitoring service.

About Ray Keating
Ray Keating, Managing Member of Pontimax Technologies is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a combat veteran with forty-four combat missions in Southeast Asia. He is also co-inventor on six U.S. patents and several foreign patents. His record of solid accomplishment in Artificial Intelligence technology started with the design and implementation of the very first Rules-Based, Expert System used in daily brokerage operations, the Merrill Lynch Bond Funds Automated Swap System.

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