Rackfinity Teams Up with Kendall Howard for Next-Gen Workstation Solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rackfinity, an international leader and partner in intelligent technology, has recently expanded its global partnership with manufacturing giant Kendall Howard. This announcement not only highlights a long-standing collaboration between the two companies but also a commitment from Rackfinity to sell well-built products from the manufacturer.

Rackfinity is, and has been, a long-standing distributor of Kendall Howard’s high-quality workstations and other equipment. As Kendall Howard does not sell directly to consumers, Rackfinity has been able to supply its products to companies worldwide.

Some of the most popular and needed products include custom workstations, desks, and accessories used in educational institutions, state agencies, hospitals, corporate offices, and military defense companies.

Kendall Howard: State-of-the-Art Manufacturing at Its Best

Kendall Howard, a fellow Midwestern company, has decades of contract manufacturing experience for both retail and private labeling. The company exists to support IT professionals pursuing the highest standards of design, quality, and durability excellence. Their products are made in the USA and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Kendall Howard’s reputation has been based on their quality,” says Steve Kirchoff, Owner and CEO of Rackfinity. “That’s why we have gone ‘all-in’ on our commitment to selling their brand.”

Kirchoff mentions that a key element of this collaboration is a strong commitment from both companies to customer service and loyalty.

Rackfinity’s Commitment to Intelligent Technology

As each business has unique needs, Rackfinity is committed to finding the right technology solutions. Product quality is at the forefront of Rackfinity’s ongoing mission, whether a company needs technical furniture, computer accessories, networking equipment, LAN Stations, rack solutions or accessories, wires, cabling, or much more.

“Choosing Rackfinity means having someone looking out for you that will find you not only the most effective but cost-effective solution for your business,” says Kirchoff.

Along with distribution, Rackfinity offers planning and manufacturing options, design and customization, kitting and deployment, support, and on-site assembly.

To learn more about Rackfinity, please visit their website, where you can browse and find an excellent selection of products and provide esteemed customer service.

Additionally, for more information, visit Kendall Howard’s website. They provide a full equipment list and an insight into their custom solutions process.

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