Pontimax Technologies’ Inferencing Agent Delivers Inferencing & Reasoning Ability to UAVs Operating Over the Battle Space

DANBURY, Conn., Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pontimax Technologies LLC announced its Solution For Equipping UAVs With Mission Focused, Dynamic Inferencing Capabilities For Real-Time Rules Of Engagement Thresholds Execution!

“Our outlook is that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) will be the “Edge” communications and data access hubs of current and future “Battlespaces.” From overhead positions, UAVs have direct access to deployed air and ground sensors, which, if subjected to predicate-based inferencing and reasoning, can deliver superior “Battlespace Awareness” and achieve real “Decision Advantage,” Ray Keating, Managing Member of Pontimax Technologies, notes. “Pontimax’s Dynamic Inferencing Agent, with its innovative inferencing and reasoning capabilities, when positioned in Battlespace UAVs, is capable of delivering multi-command echelon situation awareness that can be combined with Rules of Engagement (ROE) based autonomous weapons deployment. Moreover, predicate-based Inferencing & Reasoning provides the only currently available capability to directly embody ROE with real-time enforcement.” “If the essential inferencing functions and capabilities, coverage information and network “reach” are all accessible and considered in developing a mission “Inferencing Plan,” Pontimax’s Inferencing Agent has the ability to perform real-time “Recognize-Classify-Identify-Communicate (RCIC)” sequences for enabling “intelligent” weapons deployment decision making. with full ROE compliance.” 

Equipping UAV’s with Predicate Inferencing Capabilities is Challenging!
“It’s a significant challenge to develop mission “Inferencing Plans” that determine a mission’s situation awareness inferencing requirements plus, potentially, the ROE predicates, on a mission-specific basis. It’s very similar to mission planning attack weapons “load-outs” or programming cruise missiles but more complex. To realize a similar capability for generating mission “Inferencing Plans,” consisting of one or more “Inferencing Profiles,” it was realized that there was an absolute need for a Capability & Coverage (C&C) Knowledge Base.  The C&C Knowledge Base will be used by mission planners to develop mission “Inferencing+Reasoning” Plan profiles for equipping UAV’s and Tactical Assault Kits (TAK’s) with Mission Inferencing Plans.”

Pontimax Announces its Inferencing “Capabilities & Coverage (C&C)” Knowledge Base Technology
Pontimax’s innovative Inferencing “Capability & Coverage Knowledge Base” acts as the essential information hub for providing mission planners and tactical operators with the information required for which tactical locations, sensing capabilities and Inferencing Platforms, such as Inferencing Agents installed on UAV’s, are or must be available for fulfilling the mission Inferencing Plan Profiles.

Making It All Work-Pontimax Announces Its Inferencing Planning & Deployment Harness Framework
The Capability & Coverage Knowledge Base is the key to the Inferencing Agent’s ability to apply its inferencing & reasoning capabilities to mission-relevant sensor data. However, for equipping multiple platforms with the mission Inferencing Profiles, as well as ensuring that the technical computing capabilities, such as Inferencing Profile required Machine Learning inferencing modules, are in place, a Configuration Data & Software Deployment Framework is needed. To address this essential mission planning & mission generation need, Pontimax has developed a “GitOps” software repository-based Inferencing platform provisioning “harness.” The Inferencing Deployment Harness uses the mission inferencing requirements contained in the Capabilities & Coverage Knowledge Base to marshal the necessary mission Inferencing Profiles Inferencing Predicates and download their constituent components to the C&C determined mission Inferencing Platforms.

About Pontimax Technologies LLC

Founded in 1999, Pontimax Technologies has focused on AI technology development, building on a history of its predecessor firm’s successes in Rule-Based Expert systems and Meta-Data specification driven software. Starting in 2006, it originated its innovative Dynamic Meta Inferencing (DMI) technology and successfully applied DMI in multiple applications, including ADLGuardian, a caregiver oversight system to support independent living for autistic spectrum disorder individuals and yrConnected™, Pontimax’s Personal Wellness & Safety Monitoring service.

About Ray Keating

Ray Keating, Managing Member of Pontimax Technologies is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a combat veteran with forty-four combat missions in Southeast Asia. He is co-inventor on six U.S. patents and several foreign patents. His record of solid accomplishment in Artificial Intelligence technology started in 1982, when he designed and implemented the very first Rules-Based, Expert System used in daily brokerage operations, the Merrill Lynch Bond Funds Automated Swap System.

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