NITV Federal Services’ ‘Best-in-Class’ Technology Replaces the Old Polygraph

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For anyone that has been in the criminal justice system any length of time, the limitations of the polygraph are well-known. Polygraph tests have a 25-30% ‘inconclusive’ rate, drugs and medical issues can dramatically affect the results, there are numerous well-known countermeasures to defeat it, and it usually takes weeks to schedule an exam. Due to the fact that it takes 10 weeks to train a polygrapher, it costs around $90,000 to purchase a polygraph and train 2 examiners (tuition, room & board, salary, etc.).  

Add to that, the failures of the polygraph are legendary: the ‘Green River KillerGary Ridgeway, was suspected of killing 4 women but passed the polygraph. He went on to kill another 44 women; CIA agent Aldrich Ames passed many polygraphs while providing Russia the names of our double agents working in that country – most were assassinated; Mark Christy, the actual killer of a 74- year-old woman, passed a polygraph while an innocent man failed and confessed to the murder. Mr. Christy went on to abduct and murder a four-year-old girl. Christy was convicted of her murder and then confessed to killing the 74-year-old woman; the ‘Angel of Death,‘ nurse Charles Cullen, was suspected of killing patients. He took 2 separate polygraphs three months apart and passed both. He went on to kill another 30-40 people.

For the above stated reasons, today, approximately 2,800 law enforcement agencies have abandoned the old polygraph for the now proven technology called the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® (CVSA®). These agencies utilize the CVSA for both criminal and background investigations and they include the Illinois State Police, California Highway Patrol, New Orleans P.D., Atlanta P.D., Nevada Attorney General’s Office, Kansas City P.D, Salt Lake City P.D., California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Hawaii Dept. of Public Safety, US Probation and Pretrial Services, and Federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces (ICAC).

The CVSA became such a success mainly due to the fact that law enforcement found that it is fast, reliable, accurate, cost-effective, is easy to use virtually anywhere, and the patented scoring algorithm automatically indicates deceptive responses. They also found that unlike the polygraph, drugs and medical issues are not known to affect the results of the CVSA, there are no known countermeasures, and no “inconclusive” results. The total cost of the CVSA III with 2 investigators trained is 1/6 the total cost of the polygraph with two students trained, the Certified Examiners Course is 1 week whereas polygraph training averages 10 weeks

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