Melanie Squire Recognized for Pivotal Role in Mental Health Support for First Responders in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Language is a powerful tool; few understand this better than Melanie Squire, a renowned trauma consultant and public speaker. Melanie has been a pillar of support following some of the most tragic events in Utah over the past decade. Her expertise in Trauma-Informed communication goes beyond words, offering solace and healing to those affected.

Melanie Squire founded one of Utah’s most extensive mental health trauma-based facilities, specializing in providing crucial support to first responders.

“Our service members deserve more than what they’ve been given in society,” Squire says. “There’s not much care out there that’s specialized for them, and it needs to be specialized.”

Her commitment to the well-being of those on the front lines is evident in the testimonials and recommendations she has received from prominent figures in the field, including Richie Landward LCSW, MPA, MBB, Assistant Professor at the University of Utah; Joseph Cyr, Patrol Sergeant, FTO Coordinator; Fire Chief Aaron Brems; Jack Tidrow, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Utah; Val Shupe, Executive Director of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association; and Sheriff Kelly Sparks.

“Melanie produces high-quality work, has a strong willingness to learn, is accepting of feedback, and has a desire to improve the lives of others,” says Richie Landward, Assistant Professor at the University of Utah. “Melanie is one of the most talented trauma therapists in the state. She is skilled in using Mind Body Bridging and other evidence-based models to support her clients’ therapy needs. Melanie will continue to be an agent of support and change in First Responder trauma instruction and counseling.”

Melanie’s unique skill set extends beyond traditional therapy settings. She has played a pivotal role in debriefing teams following critical incidents, offering her expertise in the aftermath of Utah’s most challenging disasters, including airplane and helicopter crashes, avalanche rescues, and collaborations with emergency ski patrol teams. Her work has also extended to military units, SWAT teams, hostage situations, and emergency crews, demonstrating the versatility of her approach to trauma support.

“As a 31-year veteran of Utah’s largest police department and a supervisor of up to 90 Field Training Officers, I taught several FTO recertification classes with Melanie in 2021. The effect of her skillful teaching and counseling was powerful for the officers. The written feedback I have in my possession was overwhelmingly positive. Many of the officers were begging for more time with her,” says Patrol Sergeant and FTO Coordinator Joseph Cyr. “Without exception, they expressed gratitude for her passion, empathy, intelligence, and ability to help them heal from exposure to traumatic incidents and family crises.”

Melanie’s commitment to Trauma-Informed communication underscores her belief that language matters and words have power. Through her continued efforts, she not only offers solace to individuals navigating trauma but also contributes to the broader conversation on mental health and support for those on the front lines.

About Melanie Squire:
Melanie Squire is a National Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer focusing on supporting first responders and professionals in high-stress environments. Melanie founded one of Utah’s leading mental health trauma-based facilities. Her expertise extends to working with military units, SWAT teams, and emergency crews, making her a sought-after speaker and consultant in trauma communication.

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