Liar, Liar, Phone’s on Fire — New App Verifies Truth Using Cell Phone Camera and AI

A Mobile App Called VerifEye Measures Changes in Involuntary Eye Behavior to Accurately Rat Out Fake Online Profiles, Credit Risks, False Insurance Claims, Undesirable Job Applicants, Unfaithful Spouses, and More

LEHI, Utah, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — It may be hard to believe it’s true, but a Utah tech company has developed the world’s first accurate truth verification app. And, unlike other credibility assessment methods, it doesn’t require an examiner or any sensors attached to the test taker.

After three months of beta testing, today Converus officially released VerifEye in the U.S. VerifEye. This self-administered test, for Apple (iOS) and Android phones, uses a cell phone’s camera and AI to verify truth by measuring changes in a person’s involuntary eye behavior and other physiological factors. Personal credentials and certifications, criminal history, infidelity, insurance fraud, creditworthiness, compliance with a treatment program, and more can all be tested via VerifEye.

Converus originally disrupted the lie detection industry in 2014 with EyeDetect, a computer-based test that also detects deception via one’s eyes.

IsoTalent, a Utah-based global recruiting and employment firm, uses VerifEye to confirm nurses based in Mexico are certified and don’t have any disqualifying issues — like drug use or ties to cartels — before a U.S. hospital hires them. IsoTalent has been retained to identify 1,200 hirable nurses.

“Using VerifEye as an initial screening tool for new hires will reduce recruitment costs by 20%,” said IsoTalent CEO and Co-founder Paul Ahlstrom.

EyeCanKnow, a U.S.-based company using VerifEye to provide truth verification services, has launched an online service for anyone seeking fidelity or sobriety testing. The customer chooses a topic, timeline, and other details about a particular event and then receives a unique VerifEye link by email to take a test. Clicking the link downloads the app and starts the test, which is self-administered on a mobile phone. No reading is required — a digital voice asks test questions using the device speaker and verbal responses are recorded. After the test, the customer can pay to see the test results.

The VerifEye app is gaining worldwide popularity. In Mexico, VerifEye is used for pre-employment and employee monitoring tests by a security company, a logistics company that distributes medicine, and by a BMW dealership. And a South African firm uses VerifEye to test for ties to terrorists.

“The ability to affordably, accurately and quickly verify truth via an app anywhere, anytime, and in almost any language, has garnered interest worldwide,” said Converus President and CEO Todd Mickelsen. “We’ve had discussions with several large companies — one has the potential to run over a million tests annually.”

Once a VerifEye test is completed, data are uploaded, analyzed and scored in near real time. Test results are available to the customer in a dashboard, by email, or via the VerifEye API. The test is about 80 percent accurate. Unlike other Converus technologies, no proctor is required — but VerifEye offers a proctor mode to allow test takers to be managed and monitored.


About Converus®
Converus provides scientifically validated credibility assessment technologies. VerifEye™ is the world’s first mobile app to help organizations or individuals accurately verify the truth about a person — including background, identity, creditworthiness and claims — in about 10 minutes. EyeDetect®, which detects deception by measuring involuntary eye behavior, is a fast, accurate, affordable, noncontact, scalable, and fully automated option to polygraph. EyeDetect+ is the world’s first automated polygraph. Visit

Jeff Pizzino, APR

SOURCE Converus