Law Enforcement from Around the World Gather in Orlando for Professional Development/Advance Examiner Conference

Over 3,000 Law Enforcement Agencies Now Use the Patented Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® (CVSA®), manufactured by NITV Federal Services, for Detection of Deception.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NITV Federal Services (NFS), in conjunction with the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA), recently completed their 35th annual Professional Development/Advanced Examiner training program in Orlando, FL.

The yearly one-week conference is held to offer law enforcement personnel the opportunity to learn the latest truth verification techniques utilizing the CVSA as well as advanced interviewing and interrogation training.  This was the 35th year that this course has been offered and according the Dr. Chad Jeansonne, Legislative Liaison for the NACVSA, attendance broke all previous records.

Susan Constantine, keynote speaker and a leading authority on body language and its role in deception detection, lectured on how to spot lies in both body language and in voice deviations.  Susan has over 20 years of experience in the field of human behavior sciences and offered the attendees a unique look at the critical signals that the average interviewer overlooks when conducting interviews.

The attendees also benefited from hearing Det. Allen O’Neill, a member of the Seattle Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, lecture on utilizing the CVSA during ICAC investigations.  During his lecture, Det. O’Neill revealed some startling statistics on just how effective the CVSA is at identifying deceptive responses on suspected child molesters (nearly 100%) as well as discussing real-life cases.

NITV FS Instructors Chief Bill Endler and Jerry Crotty, who is also Director of Law Enforcement Operations for NFS, taught advanced chart interpretation as well as criminal and pre-employment exam techniques.  Jerry taught a very effective and unique advanced interviewing and interrogation course that will soon be offered to all law enforcement agencies across the US, not just those that utilize the CVSA. 

Sean DeGrilla, the author of “Malcontent: Lee Harvey Oswald’s Confession by Conduct” discussed his analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald’s statements from both the recordings that were available at the time, and many more that have been discovered since then.  Sean played the Oswald recordings and CVSA charts as Oswald spoke, clearly indicating where Oswald was being deceptive and where he was telling the truth.

The CVSA is now the most widely used truth verification device utilized by the US law enforcement community and has two peer-reviewed, published studies validating its accuracy. The CVSA is not only extremely effective in criminal and background investigations, but can also be used to analyze old tape recordings of interviews to help solve cold cases.

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