Kiersten E. Todt Joins RunSafe Security’s Board of Directors

Former CISA Chief of Staff adds important perspective and deep expertise bolstering company’s momentum to disrupt hacker economics and support federal cybersecurity initiatives

MCLEAN, Va., Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RunSafe Security, the pioneer of a patented process to immunize software from cyberattacks without developer friction, today announced Kiersten E. Todt has joined its board of directors. With her background in cybersecurity and experience supporting the Federal Government on security initiatives to protect the United States from cyberattacks, Todt will add a vital layer of insights to RunSafe’s mission. With her and the rest of the board’s guidance, RunSafe will bolster its growing momentum to disrupt hacker economics and ensure critical infrastructure is resilient and operational.  

“RunSafe is focused on preventing memory-based exploits at a time when the federal government has prioritized memory safety and resilience throughout critical infrastructure,” said Kiersten Todt, CEO of Liberty Group Ventures and former Chief of Staff at CISA. “Offering a way to achieve memory protection without rewriting code, as a bridge to memory safety, means government and industry can achieve their security goals, effectively and efficiently.”

The addition of Todt as a new board member comes on the heels of RunSafe’s strong performance in 2023 during which it has tripled its annual recurring revenue for its software memory protection solutions for the second consecutive year. The news also coincides with the expansion of RunSafe’s software supply chain platform’s capabilities to generate a software bill of materials at build-time, associate vulnerabilities, and automate the remediation of vulnerabilities in both the open-source components and the proprietary code that developers deploy.

“RunSafe is committed to disrupting hacker economics and ensuring cyber resilience, with an easy-to-deploy exploit prevention solution that neither affects performance nor changes system behavior,” said Joe Saunders, CEO, RunSafe Security. “With Kiersten joining our board, we expect to deepen our relationships across industry and align our support of policy efforts to ensure critical infrastructure is resilient and operational. I am grateful for Kiersten’s willingness to lean in at such a crucial moment when rising geopolitical tensions create urgency to solve cyber issues that put infrastructure at risk.”

RunSafe’s patented security platform hardens software binaries using Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and Moving Target Defense (MTD) methods to significantly reduce risk by making each instance of software remain functionally identical but logically unique. This means an exploit built in a lab cannot affect an instance deployed in the field. RunSafe is easily deployed in DevSecOps software pipelines across build and deploy toolchains to protect firmware, OS, containers, virtual machines, and applications. Originally born out of a research project for the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense (DARPA), RunSafe’s platform generates a software bill of materials, scores the potential attack surface reduction, and prevents exploitation of the most common and devasting cyber exploits.

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RunSafe Security’s mission is to immunize software from cyberattacks without developer friction, disrupting hacker economics. Its security techniques inoculate customer systems from an entire class of cyberattacks. Our customers integrate our product across build and deploy tools chains without developer friction, protecting open-source software and proprietary native code changing system behavior or affecting system overhead. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with an office in Huntsville, Alabama, RunSafe Security’s customers span the aerospace, defense, energy, industrial, and national security verticals.

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