Economists for Ukraine Partners with NightRide Thermal for Safe Transport of Wounded

Thermal cameras critical for night-time transport: Warzone-tested NightRide cameras determined to be ideal for the task

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Economists for Ukraine, a non-profit formed to help Ukraine end the Russian invasion and rebuild a prosperous nation, has partnered with Brooklyn-based NightRide Thermal to bring life-saving thermal-vision cameras to Ukrainian medics on the front lines.

Earlier this month, 29-year-old Ukrainian paramedic Yana Rikhlitska, “Angel of the Troops“, was killed during an evacuation of the wounded when the ambulance she was riding in came under Russian fire, just as more than a dozen other medics have perished.

“A slow-moving vehicle at night with headlights on is an easy target,” said Ukrainian medic Dmytro. “While we cannot increase our speed because the roads have been destroyed by constant shelling, we can drive under the cover of complete darkness thanks to the NightRide cameras, which have proven to be the safest way for us to transport the wounded.”

According to James Hodson, CEO, AI for Good Foundation: “The strength of Ukraine lies in the unparalleled resourcefulness of its people, and the unprecedented willingness of the international community to support their fight for freedom and democracy. The story of NightRide’s equipment in Ukraine is emblematic of this relationship, and we are thrilled to support bringing these critical devices to the front lines, literally saving lives every day.”

Anastassia Fedyk, finance professor at UC Berkeley and co-founder of Economists for Ukraine, adds: “Despite tremendous support from the international community, there are gaps in Ukraine’s needs. Economists for Ukraine steps in to identify the places where the needs exceed the provisions and fill those gaps, from medicine to education. Thermal vision for frontline ambulances is a great example of vital support that goes above and beyond in terms of saving lives.”

NightRide began filling one such gap last June, when Anzhelika, a Ukraine native and Florida physician, reached out to NightRide to supply a thermal camera to her brother, a doctor working on the front lines evacuating and treating Ukrainian wounded.

“My brother said that many IR cameras had been tested, but all were deficient for warzone conditions,” Anzhelika said. “Ukrainian medical transport workers need a camera that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle, displays on a phone or tablet, and provides high resolution imaging of the battle-torn roads. NightRide not only met the challenge, it exceeded all expectations.”

NightRide’s partnership with Economists for Ukraine aims to outfit many more ambulances in field units along the Eastern and Southern fronts with this life-saving technology. Donations are being accepted here.

About Economists for Ukraine and AI for Good Foundation 
Economists for Ukraine is part of AI for Good Foundation, a California-based 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to increase economic and community resilience through technology. Established in 2015, AI for Good operates through three primary verticals: (i) intelligent societies, (ii) humanitarian aid 2.0, and (iii) catalyzing innovation, in order to understand, develop, and deploy the right policies, the right solutions, and the right technologies to support better societal outcomes for all. Since February 2022, AI for Good’s 40+ in-country staff has been active in Ukraine, working closely with the Office of President Zelenskiy, the Ministry for Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the International Criminal Court, and all regional administrations to improve the efficiency of humanitarian aid deliveries, reinforce critical infrastructure, document war crimes, make urban areas safer, and fill gaps in military and medical fulfillment processes. So far, the organization has raised and donated over $1 million in equipment and services.

About NightRide Thermal  
NightRide Thermal is a leader in the vehicle-mounted thermal market. NightRideâ„¢ cameras enable reliable vision and identification of objects, people, and risks in darkness, smoke, and low-visibility conditions. NightRide improves safety, accuracy, situational awareness, and confidence in nighttime and low-light operations with a range of models, offering various mounting options, operational features, and price points. Made in Brooklyn, NY, NightRide’s cameras serve daily drivers, public safety, emergency management, government, construction, utilities, wildlife-control, sporting, defense and intelligence.

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