Disruptive Closes Inaugural Mid-Stage Defense-Focused Investment Fund

Investing in the Future of National Security

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Disruptive, a leading technology investment firm, today announced the closing of its first mid-stage defense-focused investment fund, a portfolio of cutting-edge, defense technology and dual-use companies it has assembled over the last two years. The fund aims to offer investors a unique and differentiated perspective on the defense space.

In conjunction with, and complementary to Disruptive’s core late-stage investment activities, Disruptive has focused on identifying companies in the defense space that have the potential to jump the gap from an initial pilot or purchase award to a meaningful program of record.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity to investors looking for a unique and differentiated perspective on the defense technology and dual-use space,” shares Alex Davis, Founder and CEO at Disruptive. “Our team has conducted substantial due diligence to identify leading companies in the future domains of defense technology.”

The fund’s existing portfolio includes companies such as Onsights, General Radar (GenRad), ZeroEyes, and Shift5Onsights’ software can quickly process, label, and analyze terabytes of unstructured data, allowing for near-real-time actionability for use in tracking terrorists or monitoring fashion and market data trends. GenRad’s groundbreaking technology offers radars with 20x lower cost, 200x better resolution, 5x better range, and significant energy reduction. ZeroEyes is an AI weapons detection platform capable of rapidly identifying threats via camera networks and alerting first responders. Shift5 unlocks the complete ecosystem of onboard data for operations, maintenance, and cybersecurity teams for the first time, enabling real-time decision intelligence through complete onboard data access and observability from the asset level to fleet scale. The fifth investment is into a dual-use technology company that provides critical infrastructure operators with insight into the health of their large-scale, physical assets.

“Given the unique attributes of the defense tech and dual-use space, Disruptive operates with a perspective allowing it to cut through market noise and find the next generation of successful companies,” said Ian Winer, Managing Director at Disruptive. “Global defense spending will cross $2 trillion for the first time this year but, as importantly, the composition of that spend is undergoing the most meaningful shift in fifty years towards new domains. This combination of factors creates the best investing environment in defense technology in a generation.”

About Disruptive: Based in Austin, TX, Disruptive is a leading global technology investment firm focused on private investments into top-tier late-stage private technology companies. Disruptive was founded by CEO Alex Davis in 2012 to increase access to private investment opportunities for its global investor base, and to date has deployed billions of dollars. Disruptive maintains an international presence and business lines include proprietary investments, investment banking, business development, lending, and more. For more information, please visit https://disruptive.tech/

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