Cyber Security Goes to Hollywood

Daniel Tobok, Appointed as Cyber Security Advisor for Film Maker That Brought the World Joker and House of Gucci, BRON Studios

TORONTO and MIAMI, Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel Tobok, CEO of CYPFER, announced today his appointment as Cyber Security Leadership and Intelligence Advisor for one of the world’s most revered independent Hollywood-based film studios, BRON Media Corp.

BRON is a leading company in the global film, television, and animation worlds, with growing interests with interactive gaming, consumer products, and web3 boasting a partnership with Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. The Company has been instrumental in more than 120 productions and has built a robust slate of upcoming IP across all platforms. Just this past year BRON released epic films such as House of Gucci, Respect, Licorice Pizza and Cyrano – all to critical acclaim.

“Given our creators, artists and contributors work digitally and often remote; we understand and respect the importance of preserving and protecting our digital assets, creativity and those behind it” says CEO and Chairman, Aaron L. Gilbert.

Co-founded by husband and wife team, Aaron L. Gilbert and Brenda Gilbert in 2010; BRON currently employs over 185 team members worldwide, with offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto, and operating companies in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

“We work with the world’s most prominent industry leaders ranging from banking, insurance, law firms and many Fortune 1000 organizations. It was both logical and powerful for our firm to be of service to the film, television and culture-creating industry leader like BRON,” says CYPFER CEO Daniel Tobok.

BRON has earned over 32 Academy Award nominations and 6 wins; 21 Golden Globe nominations and 4 wins and 31 Critics’ Choice nominations and 5 wins to name a few. More incredibly, BRON earned over 424 Film Festival selections and 125 Film Festival awards to date. Twelve years in the making and BRON is truly just getting started.

“We are committed to powerfully shifting BRON’s relationship to preserving and protecting their intellectual properties of past and present; understanding that the future of film and television making is equal and proportionate to online, and on-device viewing; we will have to think ahead so not to have BRON fall behind,” concludes Tobok.


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CYPFER is a market leader in ransomware post-breach remediation. CYPFER’s core services include:

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