CADchat Takes on Zoom, Slack, Dropbox with Digital Workspaces for Product Development

COLUMBIA, S.C., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to transform the way product teams collaborate and communicate, CADchat has officially launched its new cloud-based digital workspace. Developed with the needs of product development teams at its core, CADchat offers an array of powerful tools that extend the functionality of traditional video calls into a persistent collaborative environment.

“Product development doesn’t end when the meeting does, and neither should the tools we use,” said Graham Bredemeyer, CEO of CADchat. “With CADchat, we are thrilled to offer a platform that not only supports real-time collaboration but also enriches the continuity of teamwork. Our digital workspaces ensure that everything from 3D models to critical feedback remains accessible and interactive long after the calls have ended.”

Key Features of CADchat:

  • Immersive Meetings: Host audio and video meetings with enhanced tools like 3D avatars and precision cursors.
  • Persistent Design Reviews: Conduct real-time or asynchronous design reviews, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly.
  • Interactive Feedback: Utilize pinning comments on designs and 3D models, ensuring clarity and continuity.
  • Centralized Project Management: Keep all project communications, documents, and data in one secure, easily accessible place.
  • Robust Security: Protect sensitive data with AES-256 encryption, SOC 2 compliance, and regular security assessments.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, product development teams require more than the combining multiple, disparate capabilities from platforms like Teams, Slack, or Dropbox. While these tools have their merits in communication and file sharing, CADchat uniquely consolidates all aspects of product development into one seamless digital workspace.

Unlike traditional video conferencing tools, where the dialogue and data dissipate post-call, CADchat’s environment retains every interaction, turning ephemeral discussions into tangible progress. In comparison to typical work messaging apps, communication within CADchat is deeply integrated with the actual work, ensuring that conversations drive development forward without the need for disjointed app-switching. Moreover, CADchat’s centralized hub goes beyond storage to offer interactive collaboration on documents and designs.

Traditional CAD tools like Fusion and SOLIDWORKS are indispensable for design, but CADchat enhances their value by embedding them within a broader context of team collaboration, allowing not just for the creation but also for the collective refinement of 3D models. CADchat is poised to set a new standard for integrated, comprehensive, and sustained teamwork in the area of product development.

In the case of one customer, CADchat enabled GE Vernova to reduce part and tooling development cycle times from two to three months to as little as one to two weeks, a remarkable improvement of over 90% in efficiency achieved without any system or hardware changes.

CADchat’s launch comes at a time when industries worldwide are seeking more efficient and secure ways to manage complex projects involving numerous stakeholders. “Our goal is to redefine collaboration by maintaining the integrity and continuity of every meeting,” added Bredemeyer. “Think of it as a permanent, virtual conference room, where all of your project-related discussions, decisions, and documents are just a click away.”


CADchat is now available for teams looking to enhance their productivity and reduce the time spent on project coordination. Interested parties can sign up for a free trial to experience firsthand how CADchat can transform their project management and team collaboration.

For additional information, please visit or contact:

Graham Bredemeyer, CEO

About CADchat:
CADchat is committed to revolutionizing the way teams collaborate on physical product development. By blending advanced technological tools with user-friendly interfaces, CADchat provides secure, persistent, and interactive digital workspaces that support a multitude of design and development tasks.