Breakthrough Phone, Text & Video Communications Security Tool Donated to the People of Ukraine

ORLANDO, Fla., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taj Quantum (TAJ), a cyber resilience startup company with a proprietary multi-dimensional security platform called Project Autonomy, donated use of their communications security tool to the people of Ukraine to help in their fight against Russian aggressors. "Several thousand accounts have been created in the last 24 hours and are being deployed to users in the Ukraine and neighboring countries right now. Taj is expecting usage to ramp to several million very quickly over the coming weeks," commented Dr. Paul J. Lilly, Taj Quantum President and CEO.

TAJ is in the process of launching an advanced unified communications platform. Project Autonomy (nicknamed PA System) leverages post-quantum attack-resistant technology, blockchain, and obfuscated networks. Unfortunately, only Government and Military cybersecurity organizations have had access to these cutting-edge technologies to date. Taj Quantum was established to commercialize its multi-dimensional security platform for everyone.

The Ukrainian people need a secure means of communications to help fight Russian aggression, coordinate emergency services, provide real-time access for media services, and stay in touch with their scattered families without the threat of surveillance. In response to Moscow’s direct targeting of civilians and infrastructure, TAJ is releasing PA System to the brave Ukrainian Patriots for free.

To accomplish this, the company TAJ set up a system of obfuscated servers and encrypted networks on the world’s most interconnected network. In addition, secure connections have been established at critical Starlink Earth-stations in Europe and on both sides of the Atlantic undersea cable. The deployment of this new technology comes at an opportune time in light of Elon Musk’s recent donation of a generous number of Starlink terminals to Ukraine. "That’s why our team is working tirelessly to protect the communications enabled by the Starlink network from enemy eavesdropping and attack. To deploy this technology quickly, we’re using an open-source chat application available in every App story worldwide – only with our technology providing the encryption and obfuscation capabilities. The encryption used would take over 300 years for existing supercomputers to crack and 50 to 100 years for a Quantum-level computer, based on our existing configurations," commented Dr. Paul J. Lilly, Taj Quantum President and CEO.

However, Dr. Lilly went on to explain that the company’s ability to protect this beleaguered nation’s connectivity with friends, family, and the outside world is waning. "We’ve spent much of our development budget in recent days to get this proprietary encrypted network up and running. Now we’re in the process of scaling up the network and bringing users online. We need to be able to provide this service to the Ukrainian public, their government officials, and the global media that need to be able to securely coordinate activities and share information with the outside world. What we desperately need to make a difference for Ukraine is the American public’s help!"

Those interested in ensuring the security of phone, voice, and video communications in Ukraine are invited to contribute through the company’s website, or GoFundMe page,

About Taj Quantum
Taj Quantum (TAJ) is a cyber resilience startup company with a proprietary multi-dimensional security platform that leverages post-quantum attack-resistant technology, blockchain, and obfuscated networks. The tech startup company was founded by Dr. Paul J. Lilly, DM, MBA, PMP, building on over 25 years of experience in homeland security, Intelligence, Department of Defense, and law enforcement.

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