Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies (BMRT) Celebrates New Book by Advisory Board Member and Three-time Presidential Secret Service Special Agent Focusing on Living Purposefully and “Cheating Death”

STUART, Fla., April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — After spending his career providing security for and protecting three sitting United States Presidents as a Secret Service Special Agent, during which time he was in charge of White House access controls and worldwide operational security, Kenneth Valentine is focusing his attention on offering inspirational and actionable advice on living a life of significance in his new book, “Cheating Death.” In the foreword, John Clark, the former Director of the US Marshals Service stated, “This book reveals a deeper part of Ken’s character and values, as he also tells the reader not only how to live ready to die, but how to live ready to live.” Valentine is also lending his security expertise to Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies, LLC (BMRT), serving on the Board of Advisors to the company that stands at the forefront of revolutionizing public safety and security. Their groundbreaking patented Base Molecular Resonance™ technology (BMR™) promises unmatched safety measures for events, schools, public spaces, and other places where people gather.

In describing his book’s intention on Amazon where it is currently available, Valentine challenges his readers to not be influenced by fame, fortune and a “more is better” mindset. Choosing advisors and advice wisely and following a faith-driven path leads to fulfillment. “I have determined that happy is an elusive place,” said Valentine. “All of the world’s unfulfilled and dissatisfied people will call you to the same path, life-plan they followed – and expect a different result. I challenge you to take the narrow road. I urge you to trust in the Lord in all your decision making.”

BMR™ technology, which utilizes resonant frequencies to detect particle interactions at the subatomic level, has the remarkable ability to detect substances based on their nuclear composition. Demonstrated success extends to detecting every element on the periodic table and up to 200 types of cancer and other diseases. With its virtually limitless applications across seemingly countless industries, BMR™ technology will revolutionize the future.

It was Valentine’s focus on optimizing and living a faith-driven life, coupled with his passion for, and extensive experience in high-level security, which led him to become an Advisory Board member for BMRT. “From protecting the president, to ensuring the safety of our troops, to the earliest detection of cancer, covid or mad cow disease, the realm of BMRT’s application is endless,” explained Valentine. “This technology is a game-changer for all of us who seek the very best for people everywhere.”  

According to Lee Duke, BMRT President and Co-Founder, “BMRT is proud to support and celebrate the release of Ken’s book, ‘Cheating Death’, and I was honored to be in attendance at his launch event.  It is humbling to have a man of his credentials and character as a member of our Board of Advisors. His insights, at the highest most sensitive levels in the security realm, coupled with his service to this country, make him a critical advisor as we navigate our future. His feedback and guidance are invaluable to us as we introduce this remarkable discovery to the world.”

Robert “Bo” Short, CEO and Co-Founder adds, “In his book, Ken generously shares valuable information that will help anyone that wants to live a life of meaning do so. A man of his character and willingness to sacrifice his own life for the Commander-in-Chief of this country is someone that needs to be listened to intently. At BMRT, we listen to everything he says.”

“Cheating Death” is now available on Amazon and in bookstores.

About Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies, LLC (BMRT)
BMRT has discovered a new area of Quantum Physics that utilizes resonant frequencies to detect particle interactions at subatomic levels. This technology, called Base Molecular Resonance™ (BMR), can detect any compound or biological substance, including every element on the periodic table, and up to 200 cancers and other diseases. With over 20 years of prototyping and testing proving its unmatched detection capabilities, BMR™ has the potential to save millions of lives by pinpointing weapons, explosives, and other physical threats close up or at great distances, and detecting cancers and other diseases long before they present clinical symptoms. The non-invasive, harmless, and instant scan has broad implications in cancer diagnostics, public safety, law enforcement, security, and military services.

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