Balance Doctor’s Game-Changing “Balance Sock” Recently Authorized by V.A. and Defense Department for Military Personnel, With a Prescription

FLORENCE, Ala., Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Balance Doctor LLC proudly announced a significant milestone for its flagship product, the Balance Sock. A result of extensive research and innovative design by podiatrist Dr. Mike Hames, the Balance Sock was recently fully authorized for patient prescription use within both the Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DOD) systems. This endorsement marks a new chapter in supporting the health and operational readiness of America’s military personnel.

“We are thrilled that the VA and DOD understand how well our product works and can use it to benefit our active soldiers and veterans,” said Dr. Mike Hames, Balance Doctor CEO. “We were recently at a VA medical conference and had resounding acceptance by the physicians in attendance, with orders now going out every day. And we are currently working with the DOD to adopt the Balance Sock as standard issue for our troops, helping reduce ankle injuries and falls.”

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Mobility

Developed with groundbreaking Neuroband2 Technology, the Balance Sock is engineered to target specific nerves in the foot, offering unparalleled pain relief and balance improvement. Unlike traditional compression socks, Balance Sock’s unique design directly supports the posterior tibial and sural nerves, providing targeted tactile compression that adheres to the Gateway Theory of pain. Clinical trials have shown Balance Sock reduces or eliminates over 90% of pain and improves balance by 24%.

Veteran-Owned, Endorsed by Doctors, and Enlisted-Hero Approved

“As a veteran-owned company, Balance Doctor understands the unique challenges faced by military personnel,” said Dr. Hames. “In collaboration with Lovell, a disabled veteran’s organization, we’re committed to enhancing the quality of life for those who serve. We know the difference the right support can make, so our goal is to ensure our heroes receive the best possible care for their service and sacrifices.”

The Balance Sock also proudly gained the endorsement of Florida-based Dr. Zola N’Dandu, a respected interventional cardiologist with over two decades of experience in vascular diseases. Dr. N’Dandu has incorporated the Balance Sock into his practice, recommending it to patients for significant benefits in nerve pain relief and balance enhancement.

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