ARES Security is Featured in the United States Coast Guard “Journal of Safety and Security at Sea: Proceedings” Magazine, Summer 2023 Edition

VIENNA, Va., Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Luke Ritter, Senior VP of ARES Security Maritime Solutions, co-wrote an article on Digitalization with Mark DuPont, Director of the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA) that is featured in the United States Coast Guard Journal of Safety and Security at Sea: Proceedings magazine, Summer 2023 edition.

Digitalization is “the process of converting information into a digital or computer readable format.”1 to create a “smart port.” A smart port is defined as one “that uses automation and innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things…to improve its performance.”2 “Digitalization is one of the first steps to achieving a higher level of security, preparedness, and resilience.”3

ARES was selected as the technology provider for NMLEA to both create a digital twin or 3D virtual representation of the port or facility and to conduct security assessments through analyzing the terrain, structures, sensor placement, and critical infrastructure that needs protection. Through the MARSEC Accreditation initiative, ARES Security delivers port Digital Twins, as well as decision support tools use this twin and perform all future security assessments and virtual exercises. NMLEA selected AVERT as it is the only commercial Safety Act Certified Modeling and Simulation technology. MARSEC is a grant eligible, program that provides maritime security accreditation for ports. Two ARES solutions that support digitalization for security benefit are: AVERT PS for physical security and AVERT 4D for design.

AVERT Physical Security

  • 3D modeling and simulation using an intelligent digital twin of your site
  • Quantitative risk assessment to enhance SME judgment
  • Provides quantitative and visual justification for improvements and upgrades
  • Identifies the most security for the least cost
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of new technologies and security plans

ARES not only performs analysis on threat protection and security readiness, but they also analyze the costs versus the benefits of the facilities security solutions, so the facility gets a complete picture before deciding if digitization is right for them.

About ARES Security Corporation:

ARES Security Corporation is a leading enterprise security as a software company. Established as a standalone company in 2012, ARES Security began to develop the AVERT risk assessment solution with support from the U.S. Department of Defense in 1999. The AVERT suite of solutions has evolved to cover the entire physical security lifecycle to protect the world’s most critical assets. ARES Security has grown to expand its offerings through a series of acquisitions, including Vidsys, Inc. and Mayday Safety. ARES Security is trusted by government agencies, corporate enterprises, and commercial clients throughout the world. ARES Security has been accredited by the DoD and DoE as well as received DHS SAFETY Act designations.
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