ARES Security Corporation Awarded Contract for Next Generation Security Computer and Video Management System

VIENNA, Va., March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ARES Security Corporation, a leading provider of cutting-edge software, in partnership with ShadowTech Labs, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), are proud to announce the selection and contracted award with Palisades Nuclear Generation Station, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec Decommissioning International for their next generation Security Computer and Video Management System.  ARES and ShadowTech Labs both service the needs of the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Critical Infrastructure facilities worldwide.

ARES and ShadowTech will deploy ARES Safety Act Certified, AVERT C2SIM solution at Palisades. AVERT C2SIM is the next generation security platform, enabling seamless implementation of any camera, sensor, video management and access control system with a High Availability architecture and environment. AVERT C2SIM will utilize real-time detection heat maps using the AVERT Physical Security technology and the digital twin that will be developed as part of this project for the site. The benefits of this system are significant – improved ability to integrate new sensor technologies, lower deployment costs and significantly reduced upgrade costs. ShadowTech provides the highest level of expertise in Engineering Design, System Integration, Cyber Security, testing and deployment of Commercial Nuclear security systems.

ARES, ShadowTech, Palisades and Holtec will also be investigating next generation technologies such as ATAK for mobile support and blue force tracking, as well as, accommodating additional advanced sensor technology to improve detection and response. The deployed architecture is integrated to AI based sensors, ground & aerial robotics & more than 450 other systems across ARES’s markets.

“On behalf of Holtec International, we are excited about this announcement, as well as the opportunity to work with industry experts that’s being brought to the table with ARES and ShadowTech Labs. As we move forward with the historic project of restarting Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, we have the confidence of knowing we are working with the best team to design and implement the most advanced and sustainable security computer system in the industry.” says Jason Tharp, Senior Manager, Holtec Security International Special Operations Department.

“Our goal is to continue to provide the best and most advanced technology to protect critical infrastructure at the lowest possible cost of ownership and we are excited to have partnered with ShadowTech Labs to strengthen our pursuit of this goal.”, says Ben Eazzetta CEO of ARES Security. AVERT Physical Security, deployed at more than 67% of all US Commercial Nuclear sites, is also Safety Act Certified, and also part of the Approved Products for Homeland Security.

About the ARES & ShadowTech Team
ARES and ShadowTech Labs are excited to announce the formation of a strategic partnership to serve the Nuclear Industry now and in the future. Our team’s extensive experience delivering security solutions provides our customers a trusted, single source for their security needs, ranging from specialty consulting, engineering design, cyber security, manufacturing, cutting-edge software, system integration, and comprehensive security project implementation.

Ben Eazzetta


SOURCE ARES Security Corporation