ARES Security Corporation Achieves Safety Act Certification for AVERT C2 Command and Control Product

VIENNA, Va., Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ARES Security Corporation, a leading provider of cutting-edge security software to Government and Enterprise markets, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Safety Act Certification by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for its AVERT Command and Control (AVERT C2) software application. This prestigious certification, obtained after years of dedicated effort, recognizes the company’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions that enhance national security and protect against acts of terrorism.

The Safety Act Certification process is a rigorous, multi-year process requiring a thorough evaluation of a company’s technology, operations, and overall security measures. By achieving this certification, ARES Security has demonstrated that its AVERT C2 software meets or exceeds the stringent standards set by the DHS. This certification provides peace of mind to ARES’s clients, assuring them that they are investing in solutions that have undergone extensive scrutiny and are proven to be effective in safeguarding against potential threats. AVERT C2 is now listed, along with ARES AVERT Physical Security, as an “Approved Product for Homeland Security,” making it the EXCLUSIVE commercial Command and Control solution with this designation and the accompanying protections.

AVERT C2, developed by ARES as a versatile technology, serves a broad range of customers, including the Department of Defense, Public Safety Organizations, Nuclear Power Facilities, Ports, Transportation Agencies, and Corporate Enterprises providing Site Security for advanced response and common operations capability. AVERT C2 can be deployed in various configurations, such as a server-based architecture behind a client firewall, a private cloud SaaS solution, or as a full SaaS solution hosted by ARES.

Through ongoing investment, AVERT C2 continues to evolve as a platform boasting a comprehensive suite of integrations currently numbering over 450 connectors. AVERT C2 also incorporates advanced robotics functionality, mobile integration with platforms like ATAK, and the ability to accommodate advanced AI both at the edge and in application.

“Our objective is to consistently provide the best available and most advanced technology to protect critical infrastructure at the lowest possible cost of ownership,” stated Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES Security. AVERT C2 is also an integral component of the ARES Enterprise Security Platform, which includes AVERT Physical Security for

assessment and design, AVERT Virtual Tabletop, Avert Mission Planning for Robotics, and AVERT AI. Notably, AVERT Physical Security has also obtained Safety Act Certification and is part of the Approved Products for Homeland Security list.

By achieving Safety Act Certification for AVERT C2, ARES Security Corporation reinforces its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that safeguard critical infrastructure and enhance national security.

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