AgileDad Champions Military Veterans with Free Agile Project Management Certification Courses

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the nation prepares to honor its heroes this November, AgileDad, a leading voice in Agile Project Management, steps forward with a golden opportunity for America’s bravest. Since 2019, AgileDad has committed to empowering military veterans, offering them a pathway to transition their invaluable military skills into a thriving Agile Project Management career.

This November 2023, Salt Lake Community College in Sandy, Utah will witness this transformative initiative in action as AgileDad hosts six FREE certification courses exclusively for 150 of our current and former military veterans. “Our veterans have already demonstrated unmatched discipline, leadership, and commitment in service to our country. We’re here to ensure these attributes are channeled into a promising career in Agile Project Management,” says V. Lee Henson, President, and Founder of AgileDad.

But this monumental endeavor seeks champions of its own. AgileDad is actively inviting sponsors to be part of this noble cause. As a sponsor, you’re not just supporting an event; you’re backing the future of individuals who’ve dedicated their lives to the nation’s service.

Join AgileDad in celebrating, honoring, and upskilling our veterans. Be part of a movement that bridges military excellence with the dynamic world of Agile Project Management.

For sponsorship inquiries, or to register for the free certification workshop, please contact: Email:
Phone: 866-410-1616

About AgileDad:
In the rapidly evolving landscape of project management, AgileDad stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation. Pioneering a holistic, human-centric approach, AgileDad goes beyond traditional methodologies, intertwining psychological insights with Agile principles. With a proven track record of guiding both budding enthusiasts and industry giants, AgileDad isn’t just about Agile—it’s about shaping resilient leaders ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Dive in and discover the AgileDad difference: where agility meets real-world wisdom.

Media Contact: V. Lee Henson – President and Founder –
– 866-410-1616