AEROCOR Sees 20% Increase in New Eclipse Pilot Trainings in 2023

HENDERSON, Nev., March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Prominent Eclipse flight training provider, AEROCOR, announces it increased new Eclipse pilot training volume by 20% in 2023. The company’s training department also saw steady demand throughout the year for recurrent pilot training across both the owner flown and contract pilot segments. “This year’s uptick in new pilot training events coupled with continued demand for recurrent training is a very positive marker for the Eclipse community” explained the firm’s training manager Jens Personius. “It’s encouraging to see new and younger pilots stepping into the Eclipse space.”

In 2023, AEROCOR also rolled out two new training options for potential students including a Pinch Hitter companion course tailored for non-pilots and an in-house Upset Recovery Training Program. “We are thrilled to offer these new training options as we believe they not only enhance safety, but empower students with more control over their training journey” noted Personius. “Imparting knowledge of basic emergency procedures to non-pilot companions enhances overall safety, promotes preparedness, and contributes to a sense of calm and confidence during flights; furthermore, the ability to complete upset recovery in-house with the same instructor adds flexibility by allowing seamless scheduling and ensures training consistency.” Jens concluded. AEROCOR’s new training initiatives showcase the company’s commitment to the Eclipse community by streamlining entry for new owners and pilots, all while maintaining robust support for existing members in the community.

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